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Our goal is to become a world leader in establishing and implementing advanced engineering technologies through research.


We are committed to advancing knowledge, and introducing new technologies to achieve globally sustainable goals.


Our goal is to become a world leader in establishing advanced engineering technologies through research.


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We Build New Future With Best Techology

At the core of our engineering consultancy in metallurgy and materials engineering is a steadfast commitment to innovation and expertise. We continually push the boundaries of technological advancements and apply cutting-edge knowledge to deliver exceptional, reliable solutions tailored to our clients’ unique challenges and goals.

Kashif Mairaj Deen, Ph.D. a senior researcher & lead consulting officer is leading company’s venture in core areas of Energy, Environment and Sustainability. Under his supervision, company has developed expertise in development of Energy Storage Systems, Green Electrochemistry, Circular Economy, Electrocatalysis, Corrosion, Biomedical Materials and Hydrometallurgical extraction of metals.

ATECS provides innovative solutions to complex industrial problems. To fulfill your industrial and research needs, our team is ready to share with you the world class learning, research and consulting experiences.

Technical Expertise

All our innovative solutions are rigorously researched and tested by our experienced team of experts across various industries.


We prioritize collaboration, working closely with our clients and partners to ensure seamless integration of our expertise with their vision, resulting in innovative and effective engineering solutions.

Project Portfolio

Our passion lies in developing novel and sustainable technologies tailored to meet your specific industrial challenges.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Mustafa Murtaza

BM Traders

“We had an exceptional experience with ATECS. The team was incredibly professional, responsive, and attentive to our needs. Their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction truly set them apart. I highly recommend their service to anyone looking for technical assistance in hydrometallurgical extraction of copper and wastewater treatment”

Ameeq Farooq, Ph.D.

Deenpur Foods 

“ATECS provided excellent service in materials selection and corrosion behavior analysis for our project. Their expertise helped us choose the right materials and prevent potential corrosion issues. The team’s professionalism and detailed insights significantly contributed to our project’s success. Highly recommended!

Uzi Adree

Q Tech

“ATECS provided outstanding service for our base metal hydrometallurgical extraction project. Their expertise optimized the process for efficiency and cost-effectiveness, significantly improving our outcomes. Highly professional and knowledgeable—highly recommended!”

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